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DSLR Assistant 3.9

DSLR Assistant - tethered shooting software

Version: 3.9
Release: November 30, 2021
File size: 14.5 MB

Release history

What's new

November 30, 2021
Support for HEIF images

September 21, 2021
UI improvements

February 26, 2021
Maintenance release

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Easy to use and really useful in a remote location, allowing immediate feedback to the client and myself, giving endless possibilities for instant changes to perfect the final image. What have I done without it! Easily worth the purchase price.

Robert Proctor

Troubleshooting photography issues on the fly makes my job as a photographer extremely efficient. I highly recommend DLSR Assistant to any and all photographer who want to make an impression with their photography.

Colleen Curtis

Much simpler than EOS utility, with large preview which enables you to go back and forth between photos you just have made. Very intuitive and straightforward.

Tomislav Maric


Comprehensive software solution for tethered shooting

DSLR Assistant is a camera control application which allows to operate a Canon EOS digital camera from a Mac computer remotely using USB or Firewire cable.

It offers a comprehensive set of features that allows to control practically all camera parameters, key settings and shooting functions remotely. With only a few clicks you may change aperture, shutter speed, ISO, image size and quality, control lens focus, release the shutter and more.

With DSLR Assistant intricate tasks become easier and faster. You can take a number of photos at different exposures and focus distances within seconds. This is extremely useful for HDR and macro photographers.

DSLR Assistant supports interval shooting to help you shot time lapse sequence faster and more efficiently.

With bulb exposure you can take a photograph using longer than 30 second exposures.

DSLR Assistant automates the process of downloading and saving pictures from your camera to a computer.  There is no need for concern about changing the camera's CompactFlash memory card during remote shooting. All captured images are saved directly to the Mac's hard drive and automatically organized in the built-in library, so you will need no time to find the image you want.

Captured images are instantly shown on a large Mac screen. It is much easier to vertify that focus, exposure, lighting, and of course composition are all the way you want them. 

Any photographer is able to improve workflow efficiency using our camera remote control software product. DSLR Assistant is very user friendly and easy to use.

Save time with DSLR Assistant

Save Time

Perform you photo tasks faster, better and more easily. Reduce the amount of post processing workflow.

Enhance image quality with DSLR Assistant

Enhance Image Quality

Make sure that focus, exposure, lighting, and of course composition are all the way you want them.

Shoot tethered with DSLR Assistant

Shoot Tethered

Get immediate feedback from the client and/or model. Make on-the-spot decisions which would benefit both of you.

Enhance image quality with DSLR Assistant

Automate Common Tasks

Easily capture sequences of photos for HDR, macro and time-lapse photography.

DSLR Assistant is budget friendly

Budget Friendly

$59.99 for a complete tethered shooting software solution.

30-Day Money-Back guarantee

30 Day guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied we'll refund your money.

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