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DSLR Assistant 3.9

DSLR Assistant - tethered shooting software

Version: 3.9
Release: November 30, 2021
File size: 14.5 MB

Release history

What's new

November 30, 2021
Support for HEIF images

September 21, 2021
UI improvements

February 26, 2021
Maintenance release

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I have a Canon 1000d which is used for astrophotography. Of late, I have been using a small, remote, wired programmable shutter release. Very fiddly especially in cold. This year I am preparing to use my telescope from comfort of my conservatory and I am preparing an "umbilical" lead connecting an ipad and Macbook pro to it. DSLR Assistant was found after scouring the net and it could not be more perfect. Everything just works. No hassle. Whoever designed this program obviously thought it through from a user point of view. Thank you.

Keith Johnson

I've just started associating DSLR Assistant with the motorized rail StackShot (Cognysis) and the Zerene software for extended DOF photography. This association is necessary with non automatic lenses such as the Canon MP-E 65mm. Zerene controls StackShot through the computer, and DSLR Assistant helps with live preview. The three seem to be a good combination.

Dmitri Geystor

A very neat product for photographers who are dealing with tricky projects that need multiple shots taken and instant detailed reviews. It provides a second pair of hands and also enables the more novice DSLR user to see immediately the impact of making even the most subtle changes to exposures, shutter speeds, aperture etc. Well done!


Since many years I have been working in many different fields of photography. Quite often and in many situations I have wished for a good tool for manual remote camera control. Up until now I have not found any software that have met needs I have for all round use ranging from studio photography to exhibition documentation i low light situations. DSLR Assistant has changed this by providing a great interface that is easy to use but at the same time provides complete control needed in professional photography. DSLR Assistant is a great program and I regard it as a tool as essential as my camera tripod.

Lars Midboe

This is a great program for photographing in hard-to-access areas - in the net behind a goalie, at the top of the backboard in basketball, near a stage during concerts or plays. And so simple to use. All you need is a long enough USB cable, and you're good to go.

Bob Cornigans

This program is fabulous ... I've been playing with the trial version so far and loving it. I am starting to do headshots for some people and it is a real advantage to allow my subjects to view their shots as they are taken. I've tried other software but none so far have been this easy to use. Great software!

Colleen Delaney

DSLR Assistant is aptly named. It acts as my second photographer when needed. I set up my MacBook and tether my Canon XSi which is on a tripod. I have it setup to take a picture every 5 seconds to a total of 500. This frees me up to take other pictures as needed.

Brian Moore

How DSLR Assistant changed my workflow.
For architecture and landscape projects, I use a large format view camera, where taking pictures just works a little different. No Autofocus on a camera like this, guys – every setting and movement of is done slowly and manually and has to be checked over and over again. From a series of single frames the final image is assembled later during PostProduction.
Why DSLR Assistant made my life “out in the field” so much easier?
Here’s the very simple answer to this question: To control and adjust the focus of the camera. Up to now, I was using a loupe with a magnification factor of two connected to the eyepiece of the camera together with the zoom function directly within the camera to check the sharpness of a first test shot. Depending on the subject, this method works better or worse. As the image through the viewfinder is quite dark, it needs a lot of practice to get a feeling for the correct focus setting. The final insight comes during the Post Production. Sometimes this is too late. So, “shooting directly into the laptop”, opening the first frame in Photoshop at 100% zoom factor gives the immediate answer to the question if the focus is properly set. Also in terms of image composition and the right choice of desired image section, it comes very handy to use the preview files on the spot to merge the single frames together and see the final image within a few minutes. I am a big fan of simple and easy solutions just doing the job. And KAAsoft’s tool is performing great in this respect.

Peter Fauland

Recently retired, I've taken up photography as a hobby, enrolling in a Photoshop CS5 course at the local college. I'm thoroughly impressed with how much I've been able to learn about my camera (EOS 450D) and the impact of its various settings while using DSLR Assistant! It may not have been your application development intention, but you've produced an incredible teaching tool.

Michael Laurence

Wonderful - I have been looking for a way to tether my Canon 550d on my netbook (a Dell mini 10v running Snow Leopard) and this is the first product than ran perfectly from the getgo. Easy to use and really useful in a remote location, allowing immediate feedback to the client and myself, giving endless possibilities for instant changes to perfect the final image. What have I done without it! Easily worth the purchase price.

Robert Proctor

Finally a simple application that does not require hours of learning and does just what it promises to do. Much simpler than EOS utility, with large preview which enables you to go back and forth between photos you just have made. Very intuitive and straightforward. Remote controling of my camera was never so easy before DSLR Assistant! Thanks for doing a great job!

Tomislav Maric

DSLR Assistant ist eine fantastische Software für unsere EOS 400D. Viele Einstellparameter lassen sich mit dieser Software ganz einfach auf dem Computerbildschirm einstellen ohne das man sich durch die Cameramenüs hangeln muss. Ein entsprechend langes USB Kabel vorrausgesetzt lassen sich durch die Auslösetaste im Bildschirmmenü auch Objekte fotografieren die sich sehr leicht gestört fühlen.Die Software ist einfach zu installieren und bedienen und passt sich optimal in die Macumgebung ein.

Heinz-Willi Schumacher

As a professional photographer with my own studio I have tried many different software remote controls. While most these programs are ported from Windows, DSLR Assistant really has the look and feel of a Macintosh program. Large quality previews, countless possibilities to control every single camera parameter and of course tethered shooting make DSLR Assistant the Swiss Army knife for camera remote control.

Christian Krause

Compared to similar products. DSLR Assistant has similar but more robust UI, including access to Interval Shooting from the main menu. Also DSLR Assistant provides easy access to the photo EXIF which is convenient and nicely laid out.  Overall, less techy and very simple to operate. Big win on this product. Tech support was immediate in sending me copy that supports Canon T2i. Thanks

Jack - Atlanta, GA

I use DSLR Assistant and find it simple to use and easy to achieve the results I am seeking. The interface is really user friendly.

Karl Meier