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DSLR Assistant 3.9

DSLR Assistant - tethered shooting software

Version: 3.9
Release: November 30, 2021
File size: 14.5 MB

Release history

What's new

November 30, 2021
Support for HEIF images

September 21, 2021
UI improvements

February 26, 2021
Maintenance release

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Easy to use and really useful in a remote location, allowing immediate feedback to the client and myself, giving endless possibilities for instant changes to perfect the final image. What have I done without it! Easily worth the purchase price.

Robert Proctor

Troubleshooting photography issues on the fly makes my job as a photographer extremely efficient. I highly recommend DLSR Assistant to any and all photographer who want to make an impression with their photography.

Colleen Curtis

Much simpler than EOS utility, with large preview which enables you to go back and forth between photos you just have made. Very intuitive and straightforward.

Tomislav Maric


Upgrade policy

Starting from the version 2.0 the initial purchase of DSLR Assistant includes one year of free updates. You will need to purchase an upgrade to use the latest version after a year of the initial purchase. If you decide not to renew your subscription, then the ability to update to the latest versions expires. Your license doesn't expire and you can work as long as you want with a version that was released within a year of the initial purchase. You are not forced to update subscription on the same day it expires. The "one year free updates" clause restarts on the day you buy the update.

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